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Fast, Effective and Reliable, our intruder alarm systems immediately alert home and business owners of any unwanted trespasser.

Intruder Alarms

  • Who Choose a Intruder Alarm?
    Intruder alarms and burglar alarms are the number one way of preventing break in’s into your property, not only to protect your possessions but the occupants as well.

    It is a proven fact that the risk of burglary is significantly reduced after a burglar alarm is installed.

How are the risks reduced?

By installing an intruder alarm and displaying a bell box on the outside of the property, a burglar instantly knows that the house is protected and is less likely to attempt a break in. It makes sense a burglar would choose to break into an unprotected house rather than a protected one. So don’t make your house an easy target and install an intruder alarm.

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Alarm Systems

Why have an alarm?

You might think that just displaying a bell box (without installing the actual burglar alarm) should deter the burglar? However, some burglars know that properties have bell boxes and no alarm. If a burglar attempts to break in and you have an intruder alarm installed the siren going off will alert the neighbours and will deter the burglar from going any further. The main objective of the siren is to draw extra attention to your house and effectively make the burglar leave the property before they are caught.

What happens in the event you have no neighbours?

The simple solution is to install a dialler to your alarm system, which will contact a pre-programmed list of mobile and land line numbers to alert you of any attempts of a break in.

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